Sunday, May 23, 2010

New Idea for Romantic Style Bloggers

Please read the update below.

Update 9/14/2011

I've been very honest and straight forward on this collection of blogs and said I would definitely check on whether you have put the logo on your blogs. I've done that today and had to delete several. I'll be doing more checking in the coming days when time permits. So with that being said, I'll repeat: IF YOU WANT TO JOIN THIS COLLECTION, YOU MUST PUT A LINK ON YOUR BLOG. IF YOU DON'T I'LL DELETE YOUR BLOG FROM THIS.
I'm sorry if your blog is no longer here but I was very clear on this. I also absolutely hated to delete some of them as I love them. If you want to put your link on here then it MUST be on your blog. I do not like being mean about it, but it simply isn't fair to the ones who obey the rules. And thank you to all of you who have the logo on your blog.

Okay, my sweet blogger friends, this is a new site for Romantic Blogs. I thought I'd start a collection of pretty ones so there will be at least one place where everyone can go to put their blog for others to see. I'll advertise it on my regular blog:

You are welcome to join in and recommend it to friends. This way we'll get a lot of the romantic and shabby lifestyle ones we like all in one spot. Of course, it can be about shabby, chic, romantic, country, just lifestyles though. But if you join you really must put the button on your website for others to come and view them. It's in all our best interests to promote this. That way we'll all get more bloggers to visit with us. I make no money on this. I'm doing it simply to promote blogs so we can share ideas with others. It's really quite easy—nothing to do once you've placed your blog on the linkz and put the button on your website. The more blogs on this site the more you'll see visitors.

I haven't spread the word much yet, so if you come upon this, email me with any questions you may have. Just advertise it and see how many new readers you might get.
I've decided that I want a place where we romantic lifestyle bloggers can have a list of all of us who love to blog. So I've started this blog just for that: a list of romantic bloggers. Oooh, it doesn't have to be all romantic bloggers; it can be lifestyle bloggers or the shabby and chic type of blogger also. But I've simply been thinking about this for some time and finally got the time to try and put it together. So if you'd like to participate then just "link up", chicks. If this doesn't work out I'll simply try something else. I'm always thinking. Hubs says that's one of my problems! Hah!!